"Anya’s Kundalini Class allows for a transcendent experience, which you can hold onto for days to follow. Carefully planned kriyas, and the use of the singing bowls flow together in class. Her presence is inspiring and invigorating, and her compassion shines through. I feel so lucky to have her as my teacher”.


"The Kundalini workshop with Anya was a beautiful experience, she led with power and grace. The crystal bowl meditation was truly inspiring. It is a joy to practice Kundalini yoga and Anya's deep knowledge and love transmits the experience to all."


I had a Brain Soul Fusion session with the gifted Anya. The session was very informative and transformative. Anya’s voice tone is so beautiful that in itself is elevating. After the session I felt so light. I felt my voice even softened. I didn’t experience anything dramatic, yet subtle changes happened that day and continued to unfold daily. I am grateful for the work Anya did for me and with with me. I truly believe my life will be changed forever in a most positive way.

Orlando Massage Therapist

My sessions with Anya allowed me to connect with my inner guide to find the solutions for my problems. Anya has enabled me to look within myself, and her assistance gave me the power to find peace within. Although I was hesitant to seek outside help, Anya was understanding and listened to what I had to say with an open heart. She served as my stepping stone to a better me and I feel confident in saying that she has the skill to help anyone to be all that they can be.


At the age of 44 I had sudden onset of intense hot flashes, which persisted day and night for approximately one month. They were disturbing my sleep and interfering with my work and daily routine. I was honestly feeling terrible. As a breast cancer survivor it is not recommended for me to turn to hormone replacement therapy. I turned to my gynecologist and she apologized, saying there was not much she could do for me, and offered me a prescription. Instead, knowing Anya as a Yoga teacher and a healer, I turned to her for help. After one session with her my hot flashes literally dissipated! It has been approximately six months now and they have not returned since our meeting. It is quite remarkable, really. Her healing touch is quite extraordinary. I have immense faith in Anya. I am very grateful for my connection to her and what she has done for me.


Yoga is the coming together of the spiritual, physical, emotional and mental. After years of practice I was in search of a new teacher. I met Anya and began a journey that would take me on many diverse and interesting paths. Her insight and depth into the pursuit of Yoga is infinite. She has a passion and strong commitment toward the practice. I pray our journey will be long and fruitful and I look forward to each class as we move together to become whole.


Anya is truly a gifted Yoga instructor. Her natural educational abilities are wonderfully complemented with a style that combines gentleness, encouragement and a great sense of humor. Anya, as a dedicated and continuing student of the Yoga tradition, brings to her classes a sense of freshness and exploration that adds to the wisdom she has already gained and shares so freely. My five years as a student of Anya have been transformational: physically, mentally and spiritually. Yoga for me has become a practice, not just an exercise and that practice has been inspired and graced by Anya.

Richard Muise PHD

I know Anya’s inner self probably better then anyone. I have had the honor of being her guide and teacher. Her name was given to us by spirit when we were working together in Sante Fe. She is a wonderful God connected teacher and holistic therapist who has taken the time to discover her truth and help others to discover theirs. To come and work with her is to rediscover one’s inner journey.

Nicholas Harper

I have been committed to practicing yoga for several years now and enjoy the opportunity to try different studios in Manhattan and when I travel. About a year ago I started going to the Atlantic Club and began taking yoga with Anya. Every Sunday I look forward to her class. It is just the right tone and I find I can customize the flow to get just the right challenge. Anya introduced the “singing bowls” which has been a unique experience and adds so much to the spiritual aspect of the practice. For those just starting their yoga journey, Anya is very present and patient so you can feel comfortable and yet she is able to adjust for those trying to get to the next levels. In recent classes, Anya introduced Yoga for the Face. This is a unique aspect of her class and I am hoping it will turn back the hands of time. All good!

Kathleen Hayes Onieal

Anya puts love into all she does; we are lighter in mind, body and spirit, and it shows. Her Yoga for the Face class is absolutely wonderful and there are results! My face feels tighter, lines are finer and it's been said that I “glow.” I am grateful to Anya as she waves her magic wand of empowerment – we become awake and aware to honor ourselves, make the right choices and be as dedicated to ourselves as she is to each one of us, time after time. Thank you for sharing your heart.

Linda M Jensen Nutritional Consultant

I am a Kundalini yoga student of Anya, and I’m very grateful for finding her. She’s a very powerful person who can control the room she’s teaching in. Kundalini yoga has changed my life for the better and allowed me to experience things I never thought I’d experience. Anyone can go to someone and study yoga, but what you need is a strong teacher who knows intention. Without intention your training is almost pointless. I highly recommend Anya as a teacher. You will feel an immediate difference. We all need help tuning in and  the right teacher makes it that much easier and more powerful.


Anya is absolutely amazing. I met with her because I was so stressed and needed her help to relax. I needed immediate help, not long-term solutions. My heart was racing and I was feeling so uncomfortable. She knew exactly what to do and by the time I left I was much calmer and more centered. Anya has amazing, beautiful energy. I am going to continue to work with Anya on living a more balanced and relaxed life so I can learn to stay calm and not get myself so stressed!

Julie K.